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The Impactful Effect: Hu Kitchen 

HU Kitchen
Motivated by health and wellness learnings, the founders of Hu Kitchen set out to create a food brand that used only simple, healthy ingredients and brought to life their human-centric philosophy. Hu Kitchen is making a difference through its Fair Trade certification and sustainable packaging.
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Better-for-you Food Brand Seeks CEO for Expansion & Growth

Hu Kitchen was at an inflection point. The company had grown from a 3-person startup to a 20-million-dollar business. But the Chairman and the Board of Directors understood that to scale to the next level would require a leader comprising a unique blend of vision, comparable sector experience, and demonstrable strategic business acumen. This person also had to be a proven team builder, skilled at assembling the right mix of talent to propel growth while protecting Hu’s invaluable established brand equity in the wellness food niche.



A Proven, Pedigreed Leader Seeks His Next Belief-driven Career Move

Our team had the ideal person in mind for the role. Mark Ramadan had already built, grown, and sold a company producing reimagined, healthier condiments. The company he led reflected his management prowess and his obsession with building a positive corporate culture (rooted in his love for people). He wanted to maintain his deep connection to improving the world through better products, practices, and corporate citizenship for his next role.

To present himself authentically and transparently as a leadership candidate, he prepared a personal diary that detailed how he best works – in terms of communication, collaboration, business management, and people development. He also had an unshakeable commitment to ethical production and sustainability. He sought to work for a brand with fair trade and ecologically-responsible practices – or to establish those once taking the helm. For his next challenge, he was interested in a company out of the startup stage where he could add experience and value. He had built his own company to $50 million and was looking to scale something larger.

Under New Impactful Leader, Hu Kitchen Exceeds Growth Target & Is Acquired by New Global Parent

We served as a guide for both the leader and the Hu’s Chairman of the Board, balancing the Board’s need for a proven business leader who would meet aggressive KPIs and the leader’s personal goals for professional success and social impact.

With an immersive understanding of what each party wanted from this leader/company match, we recommended a nuanced hiring process (and tools) that would spotlight areas of enthusiasm and apprehension. The goal was to ensure that all parties gained confidence in the potential match through transparent, highly communicative interactions.

The impactful placement has been an unmitigated success. Not only did the leader grow revenue five times, but under his stewardship, he was able to affect meaningful social impact. The company became Fair Trade certified and converted its production and packaging to sustainable and compostable practices. And, ultimately the brand was acquired by global CPG conglomerate, Mondelez.


The experienced executive search team has continued to collaborate with Hu to integrate leadership across the organization.

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